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Test your advertising

November 18, 2007 By: Ron Coleman Category: Marketing

You can test just about anything, but here are the four most important things to test, in order of importance.

The Market. Who you market to is most important. A mediocre offer in a mediocre package can do reasonably well, if delivered to the right audience. No offer or creative genius can make the sale if it goes to the wrong person.

The Headline. It’s number two because if it isn’t right, your audience will never see the rest of your offer. It captures attention and converts it into interest. Without a powerful headline, you’re dead in the water.

The Offer. That unique combination of conditions and appeals that leaves your prospect saying to herself, “I’d be crazy not to order that thing.”

The Price. It’s the least-powerful motivator. People want value. You test price to find out exactly how the public values your product.