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Good relationships, with customers — the cornerstones of a successful email marketing strategy!

September 16, 2007 By: Ron Coleman Category: Email Marketing, Marketing

Good relationships, with customers, technical support staff and ISPs are the cornerstones of a successful email marketing strategy.

David Hughes, director online marketing at Tank Group, said that abiding by best practice guidelines when using email marketing was a key part of building a strong relationship with consumers.

Claiming that brands should aim for “way above the legal minimum standards”, he said that “gaining a consumer’s permission to email, does not mean you can exploit them, customers need to be wooed.”

Lorraine Petit de Mange, European head of CRM, at Opodo discussed the “how much is too much” debate surrounding email marketing.

She said it was key that marketers did not bombard customers with too many emails just because they could, saying that some segments of a database were ripe for regular email communications, while with other segments too many emails would merely serve to alienate consumers from a brand.

Petit de Mange also said that email marketers needed to “recognize the role of the ‘techies’ in the process.

“Techies don’t want creative briefs or value propositions, they want highly detailed specifications to work from,” she said. Indeed, she advised working with a business analyst in order to better bridge the gap between the marketing and technology disciplines.

Tell Them About It: Advertising Will Boost Sales

September 03, 2007 By: Ron Coleman Category: Marketing

For retailers, the decision whether to advertise is easy, for the answer is always yes. Advertising is a great way to attract new customers who will, in turn, spread the word about your business to others. It also reminds previous customers that your business is still there to serve them.

However, which medium to use is only part of the decision-making process. Designing and implementing an advertising strategy requires thoughtful planning. Like a reporter, you need to ask some basic questions: Who is your target market and what media is best to reach to reach them — newspaper, magazines, radio, TV (including cable) or Internet? Also, what message(s) should be emphasized — price, selection, convenience, expert assistance or specialty items? When and where should the ads run? And most important, how will you measure their effectiveness?

The question now becomes how to budget and implement an effective advertising program. These expenses should be planned with a specific return on investment in mind. For every advertising dollar, the business must recoup a percentage as part of every sale. Keep in mind that discounts advertised in your promotions affect your ROI because they mean less revenue.

Remember that your ads should generate a positive response among potential consumers. That’s why the creative aspect of a clever and intriguing ad is so important. A well-crafted ad campaign will continuously draw customers, while a poorly conceived or executed strategy may make your business memorable for the wrong reasons.

Whenever possible, hire an ad agency or design firm to help develop the creative concept, layout and production of an advertising campaign. This need not be expensive; you can select from advertising agencies, graphic design firms and freelance marketing pros for as much or as little help as needed. If you can’t afford this investment, you may be able to get production support from the media outlet. For example, many newspapers and local shopper publications will include free in-house design for the cost of the ad. Just make sure you have carefully planned your messages and goals for the ads as well as their timing.

To review your advertising plans, contact an expert counselor from SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business.” At SCORE, you’ll find a wealth of valuable information and insights from working and retired business owners, executives and managers. And it’s free. Call 1-801/687-6339 for the Central Utah SCORE chapter, or go to The services at SCORE are free!