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Q: Why are SEM and SEO important to small business owners?

February 16, 2008 By: Ron Coleman Category: Marketing, SEO

A: Over 70% of online users search for products to purchase online. (Even those looking for local goods and services).

The more visible your small business is online, the greater your chance for sales. SEM and SEO campaigns can be targeted only to your local area and may be more cost-effective and farther-reaching than traditional local advertising. You can also easily track results, something that can be difficult with other types of advertising.

Q: What are some of these free things that make Web sites more search-engine friendly?

February 02, 2008 By: Ron Coleman Category: SEO

A: There are four key things that can make a Web site more searchable:

1. Insert keywords/phrases, tile and description meta tags into your Web pages. Limit the number of keywords on each page (to about 8 or 10 keywork phrases).

2. Submit your Web site to be indexed with the two most widely-used search engines, Google and Yahoo. If you have a website with Global Marketing Plus, this is available to you for free, plus you get listed on many other search engines!

3. Pursue mutual links to other businesses with similar but noncompetitive interests.

4. Keep your Web site clean and content-driven; avoid using flash and other complicated graphics.