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August 15, 2007 By: Ron Coleman Category: Marketing

Spend whatever time it takes to develop your own UNIQUE PURCHASE APPEAL. One sentence to one paragraph that describes how your business is different from the competition in a way that appeals to your target customer.

Then infuse your “UPA” into everything you do, everything you say. Make sure your customers know it, feel it and see it in every action taken by you and your employees. It should be reflected in every ad, every promotion, every customer service activity. This is the most powerful marketing concept on earth.

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August 07, 2007 By: Ron Coleman Category: Marketing

“The computer for the rest of us.”

That was the Unique Purchase Appeal that changed the world. It was Apple’s UPA for the Macintosh, and it enabled Apple Computer to bring the entire computing world to its knees. Macintosh is why there is Windows today.

But Apple wasn’t paying attention, and when Windows came along, the Mac lost its UPA. Apple was too slow to respond and many times, it’s been a company in trouble.